Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia


The Holy Grail

 The Holy Grail & the Keepers of the Faith

 Who were the keepers of the wisdom and sacred secrets all these years? Was it the Knights Templars, guardians of the truth and keepers of the faith? Do they have the Ark of the Covenant that Moses had? Is the Holy Grail really the bloodline of Jesus Christ? Are the Knights Templars the guardians of that bloodline? Why did the church hunt them down to destroy them? Was it because of the knowledge they have, even to this day? Is there a direct descendant of Jesus alive today, if so who is he/she? Would such a bloodline be powerful? Or is the real Holy Grail and secrets the truth about our planet, Humans & secret enemies within. Our we all living an illusion of freedom? Our the Templars the real Gedi Knights. Is there a secret WAR OF THE WORLDS going on today?


A Solid Gold Merkaba or "Star of David" once stood on top of the pyramids.


When the 3D Merkaba is viewed from below the Sun creates a shadow of both Dark & Light.
This is where the Knights Templar Symbol is derived.

Our story comes from The Knights Templar of Egypt "The Magi". Our story is derived from the Temples of Egypt; whilst the names and even languages have changed throughout history the common beliefs are fundamentally the same. Derived from Akhennaten´s monotheistic religion (belief in ‘One God’) who created the Mer-Ka-Ba symbol where the original Knights Templar symbol is taken. Akhennaten was the first to belief that all men are equal in the love of ONE GOD. We believe in the true name of God "RA" (God of Light and Creation) and in the pure Energy Spirit of Jesus. We believe in the "Love of the Creator" (the most powerful energy in the universe) .