Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia



templar cross Charity Warning

There are many Charities that appear to be genuine with good reputations, yet behind the scenes you will find a complete outrageous web of lies and deceit, they are glorified scams under the pretence of being a 'charity'. Charity is big business and some directors and chairman are on £millions per year in salaries with flash company cars. The good people working in the shops as volunteers doing their bit are unaware that they are actually unpaid slaves working for rich 'Fat Cats' who are living the high life on the exploitation of CHARITY.

Charity Management Companies If you look at some Charity events you will find a 'Management Company' running the event, this often charges a 'Management Fee' against the funds raised, in many cases 70-99% of all funds raised go to the 'Management Company' and little of what you give ever reaches the real charitable cause. Why do you not here about this, well it is simple these charities are one of the media industry's largest advertisers spending £Billions every year on adverts that are designed to make you give generously towards the 'Fat Cats' new luxury holiday home or Bentley Car.

Here in England one family runs many well known high street charities, plus they are all on huge salaries with expensive company cars, but they do not have to declare this to the public it is hidden in their clever annual report as one total sum 'salaries and expenses'; 95% of the workers work for FREE 5% get paid up to 99% of the funds raised. There is nothing Christian about the people who do this, but, they promote Christian values yet, it is not their religion. This is exploitation of the masses, they exploit our Christian caring nature, our brotherly and sisterly love for fellow humans, yet they regard us as inferior. The Knights Templar stand for old fashion values, protection of the weak, guardians of humanity and Knights against injustice and the poor.

This scam is a global business involving many countries throughout the world. One very famous Charity encourages people to donate clothes for poor people in Africa. Good Christian and other religious faiths generously donate their clothes to this Charity believing that the poor will be given their clothes. This is not the case, what actually happens is the clothes are sorted into what will sell in this Charity's high street shops for 100% profit with the benefit going to the 'paid management' of this company, as the volunteer shop workers have no idea what will actually happen to the 'seconds' clothes destined for Africa, which they believe is the main purpose of their volunteer work to make money in the shops to be able to send the 'seconds' clothes to the needy in Africa.

templar cross This is what happens to the Clothes

When the clothes reach Africa via container ship, [which the Charity owns, making profit out of shipping other containers] they sell the clothes to market traders, who sell the clothes in the local market. Not one piece of clothing is given to the poor and needy. The money is sent back to the 'Fat Cats', and all of this is TAX FREE because it's a registered Charity. No one said they were giving them away, they said- "THE CLOTHES GO TO THE NEEDY IN AFRICA" The people who buy these second hand clothes in Africa are definitely 'Needy'. WHAT A WONDERFUL LEGAL SCAM THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 40+ YEARS, AND THE COMPANY IS A WORLD-WIDE HOUSEHOLD NAME.

templar cross Knights Templar Charity Events

The Knights Templars encourage members to raise money for local charitable worthy causes. Unlike many organisations that raise money for worthy causes the Knights Templars do not allow administration fees or salaries to be charged against money raised, therefore every penny raised goes to the worthy cause it was intended for. Through your support we can continue to raise money for Autism and ensure that 100% of money raised goes to Autistic Children

templar cross Help form a Knights Templar Volunteer Group in your area to:

1. Help the aged with gardening, shopping, DIY around their homes

2. Help drive disabled people around or take them for a fun day out

3. Help clean up Graffiti in the area

4. Help clean up the Parks from rubbish & dangerous sharp objects that could spread disease to children & animals

5. Help care for abandoned animals, possibly raise money for a shelter

6. Help people who suffer from domestic violence at home, possible raise funds for a 'Safe House' to provide temporary stays while people get themselves back on their feet

7. Help less fortunate homeless individuals with a roof over their head, a hot meal & a hot bath; possibly raise money for a shelter

8. Help others with your talent 'Work for Free' (pro bono) for the most needy in your community (for every $worth of Free Work you do to help others it will come back to you 10 fold)

9. Come up with your own idea to help others (tell us, we would love to hear from you)