Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia


Ark of the Covenant

Ask yourself some questions which are Positive or Negative?

1.      Greed = positive or negative?
2.      Love = positive or negative?
3.      Hate = positive or negative?
4.      Jealousy = positive or negative?
5.      Anger = positive or negative?
6.      Caring = positive or negative?
7.      Neighbourley = positive or negative?
8.      Forgiveness = positive or negative?
9.      Charity = positive or negative?
10.  Misery = positive or negative?

The Egyptians were the first to construct an Ark (communication device with God) from the plans and Laws of nature left to them. During the Time of Abandonment when man disregarded his spiritual side in favour of greed and the persuit of material possessions, the plans, laws, and secrets of the universe were hidden in a safe place, known as the Hall of Records. Waiting for a time known as the Age of Aquarius, when mankind would regain the use of his spiritual side, but only after the earth experiences a great disaster. We are now in that Age of Aquarius slowly approaching the Winter of Aquarius which begins on 21st December 2012. Aquarius is the Water sign and winter means “a period like winter, as the last or final period of life; a period of decline, decay, inertia, dreariness, or adversity”. The Water sign means a FLOOD is coming.

Copies of these great plans were spread all over the world. Different races though, interpreted the plans in different ways. Stonehenge in England was built as one version of an Ark.

The Ark was only used by high ranking people of importance, Pharaohs, high priests and Queens. All were depicted as carrying the Ankh in Egyptian illustrations known as “The Key to Life”. 

Moses was raised and trained in Egypt and he eventually had a mobile Ark constructed. Was he a Master of the Magi? If this was the case, then he would have been taught to the very highest level in the religious ways of the Egyptians and this would have included use of meditation for the purpose of achieving higher consciousness. There can be no doubt about that. The issue of the great conflict between Moses and Pharaoh that may well have been acted out without the need for one side or the other ?

The Riddle of the Ark of the Covenant

1. The Ark of the Covenant, is it Tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments?
2. Is it the communication device with god?
3. Is it in Ethiopia?
4. Did it travel by boat from Egypt stay on an Island at first then move to a secret location?
5. Just Myth?

Solve the Mystery

This is your chance to be Indiana Jones solving the real mystery of the Ark of the Covenant. We will give you some clues, work out the clues and you know where it is and what it is.

The Clues

1. The Knights Templars Britannia know the location of the Ark of the Covenant,
2. There are many Arks of the Covenant,
3. Different designs but all follow the principle of vibrational energy.
4. The one in question is one of the largest most famous,
5. It is only part of the apparatus required to turn it on.
6. You need a large structure made out of a particular material to turn it on.
7. Such structures can be seen from space.
8. There are many worldwide
9. Located in key positions.
10. One part is quartz crystal
11. One part is gold
12. It must be facing a certain way
13. The key is numbered, the key is: 3.7.3 - 3.7.2 – 3.7.7 – – 3.7.6 – 3.7.7

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