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Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia are Genuine, with links to the original Crusader Knights Templars of the 12th-14th Century.

Destiny has brought you here for a reason; everything you have ever done in your life has brought you to this moment in time, now, reading this Website.

How did you get here - By Chance?

Nothing is by chance everything happens for a reason!

You were brought here to join our worldwide fraternitiy as hundreds of thousands before you have joined over hundreds of years. Join leaders of industry, leaders of men and members from all walks of life in a common outlook and belief of truth, honour and fraternity.

Knights Templars

WEAR THE BADGE that stands today for everything that is good and honourable in fraternity friendship. The badge that opens doors to a world of possibilities.


Fraternity Friendship, Honour and Enlightenment.

Learn The "TEMPLI SECRETUM" (The Secrets of the Templars)


The Grand Master"

The Knights Templar is an organisation dedicated to fraternal friendship based on honour and integrity. The Knights Templars are guardians of many secrets, including the Holy Grail. In the 12th Century, the Knights Templar would meditate twice a day and before battle, to focus their mind and spirit as one. The Knights Templar used sacred geometry and symbols in their ceremonies and rituals, and believed in the brotherhood of mankind. Fraternal Friendship is their Code of Life. The Hereditary Knights Templar of Britannia today live by the same spiritual code of Honour.

ALL NATIONALITIES are most welcome to join online, Men and Women Worldwide, as a Knight Chevalier, Executive or Official Member.

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